Today I’ll be going to explain specifically about the leaks of AMD Radeon RX 500, not only specifications but the images as well. So, there has been some awful lot of information popping up. Funny enough, I was going to cover this information is that there has been official confirmation, well not from AMD exactly but, because I was doing research on the Khronos interview with Neil. I happen to notice that GPU Caps Viewer 1.34.0 have just released a new version, which supports new Volkan and OpenGL Demos.

However, they also support the GTX 1080 Ti unsurprising that that launch but also the Radeon RX 580, RX 570, RX 560 and they confirmed that is based on Polaris 10 or 11. However, for new information is popped up on VideoCards and this information shows us not just the cards but also more information about the specifications. To be totally honest with you, if you’ve seen the RX 480 more specifically the original vendors, the base models then you’ve probably seen these before because these look like identical, the reference design does like a DVI port.

Anyway, this information is not confirmed to be a 570 however, it could be fake but it does look legit. So, RX 570 is Polaris but given the fact that we have this other information once again, which is reported in Khronos group and it is also from an official Patch note which is 1.34.0, it just make a lot of sense and there’s another picture which is of the RX 580.

4 19 AMD RX 500 series Leaked Specifications as new Details and Pictures of RX 570 & 580 landed on the Internet

Now this is an ES engineering sample and it looks like once again 8 pin power connector which will in theory to draw more power from PSU rather then being limited with a 6 pin and in theory we should have higher clock speeds.

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1 29 AMD RX 500 series Leaked Specifications as new Details and Pictures of RX 570 & 580 landed on the Internet

There is however a bit of Ça vient while we do have the Essex confirming that this is Polaris and the sample is manufactured not too long ago on March 3rd, we also have a couple of GPU-Z screenshots and which basically confirm the RX 570. So, from what we understand these cards are going to launch mid next month. This is once again meaning that the GTX 1060 as well as the RX 580 are going to be competing against one another.

The only issue with this is that while you are seeing roughly 100 mhz boost over the RX 480 that means you’re hitting FP32 precision upside performance of about 6.17. The big problem is memory clock speeds. Regardless, it’s a disappointment that we’ll not be seeing additional memory clock speed or any changes and roughly 80 mhz difference between the RX 580 and the RX 480. So, in other words if you have RX 480 you can just simply overclock it to get extra 80 mhz on like MSI Afterburner.