Someone has truly said that technology has a shelf life of a banana. AMD without letting anyone notice has rolled out a budget-friendly version of RX 560 graphics card. This wasn’t even in any of the roadmap slides that we knew so this sudden release is kind of astonishing for us. The downside to this budget-friendly option is that it has fewer compute units and stream processors compared to the original one.

What Does The Packaging Say?


%name AMD secretly rolls out a cheaper version of Radeon RX 560   There is no visible difference in the packaging of the two

You can’t really figure out any visible differences in its packaging so it’s difficult in differentiating the original one and the cheaper one. The only thing that can help you pick the right one, is the list of official specifications. Here are the specs of the original version released earlier this year:

  • 16 Compute Units (CU)
  • 1024 Stream Processors (SP)

The Cut Down Version

This cheaper version comes with:

  • 14 Compute Units
  • 1024 Stream Processors

These figures are same as that of the RX 460 so basically getting one of these graphics cards is equal to buying an RX 460 for yourself.

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