Looking for Radeon Vega Frontier reviews? You are certainly at the right place! Though not much is known about the die size or transistor count of Vega 10, it may sport a size of 564 mm2 as per PC Perspective’s details. Starting off with the clock speed, we might be looking at 1440 MHz as an average clock speed and for the overclocking speed, it may climb up to 1600 MHz.

58179 04 amd radeon vega frontier edition vs nvidia titan xp AMD Radeon Vega Frontier: Detailed Review and comparisons!

Power Consumption

Normally, the Frontier’s power consumption is even higher than a normal GTX 1080 Ti and furthermore, if you want to achieve the figure of 1600 MHz via overclocking, increasing power target at +20% and fan at 3000 RPM is necessary. Talking about the Typical Board Power, in this case, it is close to 300W but considering the fact that the card is mainly used by overclockers, the wattage will hike up to around 350W. The figures are credible as they come straight out of PC Perspective’s power consumption testing lab which can be termed as one of the most accurate testing labs.

Performance Bar

vega frontier launch press deck final 10 AMD Radeon Vega Frontier: Detailed Review and comparisons!

Sadly, Frontier lacks a bit when it comes to performance. If your mind is tuned to the killing performance of Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti, you might have a problem using Vega Frontier. Several gaming tests conducted to test the performance of this card showed that Vega Frontier lacks a bit when compared to 1080 Ti. The average framerate of Vega Frontier in both 1440p and 2160p resolutions was not satisfactory but when compared with GTX 1070, Frontier was the leader.

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Wrap Up

If you are looking for a Frontier that is better than GTX 1080 Ti, that’s not the case. Some die hard AMD fans tried to contest the speed with Nvidia’s counterpart and posted the results that both of the cards are equal. But comparing an overclocked card with one in stock condition is totally not fair!