After the launch of Radeon RX Vega 64, AMD has now proceeded towards Vega 56 and the card is out finally. The yesterday release of the Vega 56 lineup showed an initial price tag of $399 on Amazon but suddenly in a matter of minutes, the offer was down because of the unbelievably quick sale. However, those who got their hands-on the graphics card, are claiming it to be ahead of the GTX 1070.

14nm Technology

AMD Polaris 7 AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 finally released! The 14nm technology makes it an option worth buying

What actually makes the graphics card a very good choice for most of the enthusiasts is the 14nm technology of the graphics card which is just like the AMD’s mainstream-focused Polaris graphics cards. However, this obviously, is not enough to make the card capable of fighting GTX 1080 Ti and the results claim it to be just above the GTX 1070.


The performance of the card is directly proportional to its hardware specifications and here they are:

  • 4,096 steam processors with 64 compute units
  • 256 texture units and 64 ROPs
  • 1,156MHz base clock speed and 1,471MHz boost clock speed

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