After AMD Vega the upcoming next generation GPU is the AMD Navi. According to the report, in 2018 almost 7nm nodes will be produced claimed by Globalfoundries. These nodes will be shipped in the second half of year 2018. AMD confirms that based on 7nm process the AMD Navi is designed.

AMD Navi based on 7nm will improve not only the process lives, but also have improvements in the transistors. The company claimed that the new AMD processor has about 40% better performance that the AMD Vega that is twice of 14nm FinFET node the current generation.

gpuroadmap AMD Navi vs AMD Vega: Is really AMD Navi based on 7nm better in performance?

7nm AMD Navi are expected to release in the second half of year 2018. AMD Vega has much time to show the improvements in the current processors. The company is already working on the customer orders. N.Y. Senior VP of Globalfoundries, Gregg Bartlett, explains:

“Our 7nm FinFET technology development is on track and we are seeing strong customer traction, with multiple product tapeouts planned in the next twelve months. And, while driving to commercialize 7-nm in 2018, we are actively developing next-generation technologies at 5-nm and beyond to ensure our customers have access to a world-class roadmap at the leading edge”.

AMD next Gen Navi is expected with a better performance as the technology giant using the 7LP technology that is  “exceeding initial performance targets and is expected to deliver greater than 40 percent more processing power” from the current generation Vega.

AMD has the key position in the GPU market, the Ryzen offering the competitive products have to show better performance. Competition is going to intensify and consumers will offered with better products with improved performance. Many users are waiting for the new offerings from the AMD Vega. AMD Navi and AMD Vega have its own attraction, what do you think what is the better one, let us know you in the comments box given below!

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