If you have seen the latest Linux driver as we see it, you’ll probably be surprised! There was something spotted in the drivers by the folks at Videocardz that gave us a pleasant surprise too. Looking at the pattern that AMD is following, AMD NAVI: GFX10 should be the next architecture after Vega as it was codenamed GFX9.

AMD VEGA NAVI roadmap 1000x563 Did you just read GFX10 on the latest Linux drivers? We smell  AMD NAVI!

We have covered Navi previously and we are sure that our readers are up to date with it. This picture here shows that the architecture name is hidden under the SUPER_SECRET codename and it’s pretty clear that AMD doesn’t want to make another mountain out of a molehill, just like it happened in the case of Vega(But Vega 64 is love, isn’t it?). For those who don’t have an idea about the NAVI architecture, it’s actually AMD’s first 7nm architecture, which according to AMD, might support ‘next-gen memory’, such as HBM3 or GDDR6.

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