Great news for all those waiting for the RX Vega series launch as the latest rumors suggest that not only 1, but AMD is set to release at least 3 SKUs including Vega XTX, Vega XT, and Vega XL, with Vega XTX being the leader of the clan.

AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Liquid Cooled At least 3 SKUs of the AMD Vega series to be rolled out at the upcoming SIGGRAPH event, as suggested by the rumors


According to the rumors, the RX Vega XTX will feature:

  • 4096 shader units
  • 8GB of HBM2
  • 375W board power
  • An all-in-one liquid cooler, similar to that of Fury X

RX Vega XT

There’s not much known about the Vega XT but that it will have almost the same core specs as that of Vega XTX. The only visible difference noted was the replacement of all in one cooler with a rather simple air cooler. The board power consumption is said to be 285W.

RX Vega XL

The third and the last known star of the upcoming release is the RX Vega XL with the following notable features:

  • 3584 shader units
  • HBM2 memory
  • 285W of board power
  • Air cooler

3DCentre Report

A German site, 3DCenter reported all these details including the codenames. Although these details were not totally acknowledged by bigger forums like videocardz at least we have a lot to expect from the AMD’s launch event planned at SIGGRAPH on the 30th of July. Also, we are going to see a real competitor of Nvidia GTX 1080.

The Upcoming AMD VEGA Is Said To Be A Power Hungry Platform