While Intel is struggling with the sales of its manufactured CPUs, AMD is prepping up its third-gen Ryzen CPU family that will be a true next-gen Zen 2 CPU core, with the original Zen architecture powering both the Ryzen 1000 and Ryzen 2000 series processors.

AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen 5 1030x523 RTG labs receive AMD’s third gen Ryzen CPU for testing!

In fact, Radeon Technologies Group has “just received its first Zen 2 sample (to optimize for) and it’s really impressive”. According to a social media post,

Zen team brought the processor over so that the RTG teams can make changes to the video card’s drivers that make them work better with the processor.

As far as the gaming sector is concerned, AMD seems like it is keen to see just how their next-gen Zen 2 architecture is holding up with gaming on a prototype Ryzen 3000 series CPU. The test rig was using a custom motherboard with an AMD logo on it, with the HardOCP forum member saying the “Zen team is being awfully secretive, that’s for sure.

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