AMD is on the roll to capture a big part of the market whether they are processors, graphics cards, or any other hardware that they specialize in. The latest reports show that AMD has nabbed almost 10% share of the CPU market from Intel in the recent months.

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Passmark Graphs

Passmark’s CPU graphs are pretty reliable and the report has been published by their experts claiming that AMD is touching the skies. The sudden improvement in AMD’s sales graphs can be due to the amazing hardware offered by them in the past few months. Talking particularly about the CPUs, AMD has recently offered a lot in the Ryzen processors series. The latest star processor by AMD, which will be available for sale in the next month is enough to conclude the debate. Yes! We are talking about the AMD Ryzen Threadripper!

The Results

If you look at the figures, Passmark’s CPU usage in Q4 of 2016 shows that the AMD devices could only hit a figure of 17.8% tests. Now, they have improved to an impressive figure of 26.2%. This shows the extent to which sales of AMD processors have increased and to add more to your joy, these results are based on volumes of CPUs tested using the benchmarking software of Passmark rather than numbers of CPUs bought in retail or other channels.

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