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AMD Cuts Ryzen 7 CPU lineup Prices By Up To 23% before the launch of Threadripper

AMD Ryzen 7 CPU

AMD is already killing it with Ryzen and the value proposition of Ryzen is so compelling that if you’re in the market for a CPU Ryzen does great at workstation work, production work and even for gaming. The price of Ryzen 7 was already very low when it was first released and now it seems AMD wants to go more lower for their Ryzen CPU lineup prices.

Naysayers would say that price drop this soon in this life cycle means that Ryzen is in trouble and isn’t selling well. Which isn’t true, if AMD is lowering their prices that’s fine because who doesn’t like to buy cheap and heavy discounts on great products. Now nothing wrong with that and nothing wrong with AMD sparking sales.

It’s only time people upgrade their CPU’s and also the OEM such as Dell, HP are still waiting to release their Ryzen product. Ryzen is still going strong so, AMD isn’t in trouble, it’s just a standard price cuts to spark sales and nothing to worry about.1 of 4  

Let’s look at the price drop here for the Ryzen 7 products:

Ryzen 1700 which is the entry level Ryzen 7 was released at $330 now the new price is $315 so, we are looking at a $15 price drop. Ryzen 7 1700X was released at $400 now it’s a $350, that’s a massive discount of $50. Now this one here is pretty huge because the additional $50 means that you can spend $50 on additional accessories for your PC or a bigger hard drive, maybe more RAM, a better power supply, better cooling etc. And that right there is pretty huge and also the performance you are getting at with the 1700X is phenomenal and the 1700X is pretty good for the price.Q

Next up is the Ryzen 7 1800X, that one started at $500 and now it’s $460. Now this one is a discount of $40. So, if you are looking for an upgrade and don’t need more than 8 cores, the new price drops makes for a compelling purchase. So, that’s the price cut for the Ryzen 7.


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