16 7 AMD Confirms 7nm server CPU Rome with 48 Cores and 96 Threads

Some server plans have also emerged on the internet and one of them is Starship. Starship is probably now known as Rome. It is based on Zen 2 architecture and it’s probably going to have up to 48 Cores and 96 Threads and the TDP is being stood up to about 180 watts. This could possibly bring a sheer amount of performance.

AMD have also been fairly vocal when it comes to discussing things in the financial sense. We don’t mean the price of the new Vega card but rather regaining information to investors to basically tell you to buy their stock.

The 45th Annual J.P. Morgan Global Technology Media and Telecom Conference and it is available online. You can check it out by clicking here. The entire podcast is available, it’s about 35 minutes. It says that AMD have said that they will be shipping the Frontier cards with 16 Gigabytes of memory and they are shipping them the later half of June.

8 38 AMD Confirms 7nm server CPU Rome with 48 Cores and 96 Threads

Also we will be seeing enthusiastic gaming platforms and machine learning platform, the professional graphics platform very soon thereafter and specifically they will be launching Vega across all of the market segments over the next couple of months. So, once again this is confirmation that let’s say June, July, August at the very least we should in theory see RX Vega.

For those who don’t know the RX Vega, it is the consumer derivative of the new Frontier version of Vega. A new Frontier is for professional usage scenarios. For example: for professional graphics and by all means you can use Frontier Edition for let’s say playing Quake. But from what AMD have said in other interviews which we have discussed previously. Although there are couple of caveats, first being it’s going to require the driver, software themselves, will not be optimized for gaming so, you can do it.

AMD VEGA Prototype 3DMark Benchmark Surfaced On The Internet

And second thing what AMD have said there are a couple of features which are going to be specific to the RX Vega’s. Once again the gaming oriented platform. It might be more aggressive clock speeds on the core.