With AMD Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 already out, while Ryzen 3 on its way. The company is now looking to further expand their processing technology into other segments. AMD will now be entering the mobile processing market as the company just announced their new Ryzen Mobile chips. As its name suggests AMD Ryzen Mobile is designed to be used in laptop. While a part of the mobile chip also consists of the upcoming VEGA architecture.

ryzen mobile 100722912 large AMD Announced Their Ryzen Mobile Chips Made For Thin And Lite Laptops

With the launch of new AMD Mobile chips, the company is also promising beautiful and light laptops. That will not only look good but will perform great as well. As the company is claiming that the processor will be able to deliver AAA gaming performance. This all sure seems pretty interesting, but we have yet to see if these claims are actually true. Besides if AMD was able to achieve all of this, then we are looking at another serious blow on the monopoly that Intel and NVIDIA has created.

The thin and light Ultrabook market is currently owned by Intel. As there is an Intel chip on every Ultrabook out there. But things are about to change now with the upcoming AMD Ryzen Mobile chips. So how powerful is are the new AMD Ryzen Mobile chips, compared to its predecessor? Well according to AMD their new Mobile chips offer 50% more CPU performance, with 40% better graphics performance. Where all of this will be achieved with using 50% less power consumption.

ryzen mobile numbers 100722913 orig AMD Announced Their Ryzen Mobile Chips Made For Thin And Lite Laptops

With Intel being the only competitor out there, it’s safe to assume AMD is directly targeting them. But Intel have been coming up with a response, every time AMD announces something. Where we might see something new from the blue team on the upcoming Computex event this year. Whatever the case maybe, it’s always good to see competition in the market. And now with AMD directly competing, Intel might overthink its pricing strategy.

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