NVIDIA once being the only competitor is now challenged by AMD on every step of the way. Where we got to see the upcoming offerings from both the companies. But when it comes to NVIDIA the information given was a little limited compared to what AMD offered. Because on the upcoming GPU architecture roadmap from both the companies. AMD showed us their plans till the year 2020, while NVIDIA only showed us their upcoming VOLTA architecture.

AMD VEGA NAVI roadmap 1000x563 AMD And NVIDIA Roundup For The Future Road Map For Their Upcoming GPU Architectures

On the AMD’s side, the company is waiting to launch their long awaited VEGA GPU. Which will be showcased on the upcoming Computex event 2017. After which we would have a general idea of how powerful the new graphics processing architecture from AMD really is. Aside from that there are also some rumors regarding the launch of AMD VEGA GPU. Where we might also see customs variants of VEGA.

Currently at Computex AMD will be showing of their VGEA 10 GPU. But according to AMD GPU road-map, the company will also be launching refreshed version of their VEGA GPU later on. Which would be known as the VEGA 20 GPU. Where according to AMD’s road-map, the VEGA 20 will be using a better 14nm+ architecture. Something that we have already seen with AMD Polaris RX 400 series, being refreshed to RX 500 series. Though after VEGA the next big jump in graphics performance would be AMD Navi architecture. Which according to AMD road-map will come with a 7nm manufacturing process.

NVIDIA Pascal GPU Roadmap AMD And NVIDIA Roundup For The Future Road Map For Their Upcoming GPU Architectures

When it comes to NVIDIA, the company only showcased their upcoming VOLTA GPU. Which for now only includes professional based solutions. Though we are expecting gaming based VOLTA GPU as well in the coming months. Where the upcoming VOLTA GPU will running on a 12nm manufacturing process. Compared to the 14nm manufacturing process of AMD VEGA.

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What do you think about the upcoming GPU road-map from both the companies?