Zen is going to be available for the users at the quarter of this year, as I have mentioned before Zen processors is a 14 nanometer FinFET architecture that supports an AM4 socket and DDR4 RAM. AMD Ryzen 7 family has 8 cores and 16 threads. If you are wondering what’s the big deal and why is it such an exciting time it’s because AMD is promising huge gains in processor performance. As years past Intel has had no real competition on higher-end processors and AMD is promising this processor line which will be forty percent greater than it’s competition.

1 9 AMD Ryzen and Intel 6900k head to head; Multi threading processor and DDR4 support

Competitive markets are great for all of us but speculation is they wanna go after Intel’s sub $300-$400 CPU market, would assumably something that’s more affordable, and their higher-end will also go after processors like the i7 6900k, which currently right now runs for a $1000 and assumingly AMD is going to release something, which will beat the Intel  for a $300-$400. That’s just a speculation as I’m not a professional analyst or anything based on what I’ve seen so far, so think about that, that’s the first real competition Intel had in eight years and that’s great!, which means the processors crises for Intel are going to come. If you are an AMD guy; you are also going to have new hardware, then you might wanna wait a bit longer probably to the end of this year and you’re gonna have some pretty awesome stuff. I mean if we look at the AMD’s graphic cards; it has a great price, works good and I have done bunch of articles on the benchmarks as well.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 images collection - The company has released exclusive image gallery of the flagship GPU

2 32 AMD Ryzen and Intel 6900k head to head; Multi threading processor and DDR4 support

So these processors are going to be great if they are what AMD says they are, so why not wait for them to come out. To be fair the RX 480 was everything what they said; and I have seen people making videos on YouTube, Oh yeah I’m disappointed or it wasn’t a huge game changer and all this other stuff. But honestly it was a game changer because it is a great performing Graphic card for a low price. All those people who got upsets were because they were led into the hype; the hype wasn’t even from the AMD though, AMD said exactly what the graphic card was going to do and then did it.

So if you are thinking about getting a PC for gaming; it should be really an exciting time in six months to come. You are going to be able to make a powerhouse affordable PC. I mean I’m talking about a $600 PC that will be able to run anything that is on the market on 1080P (60 FPS).