AMD Ryzen 7 is finally out and doing well in the market. Giving competition to its rival Intel. If you are planning on buying one, or switching over from Intel. Then you should know, that there is an issue with AMD Ryzen heatsink compatibility.

There are certain reports pointing towards, incompatibility of aftermarket coolers with AMD Ryzen motherboard sockets. If you are among those, who have pre-ordered your new Ryzen CPU and motherboard, then don’t be worried. Issues do arrive in situations like these. In case the aftermarket cooler that you ordered, is not compatible with your motherboard socket. Then the easiest way to get it fixed is to report you issue. To you motherboard manufacturer and you will soon get, new replacement brackets for your desired aftermarket cooler.

Mounting AMD AM4 Motherboard Aftermarket Cooler Incompatibility
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Though if you are someone who is planning to order one. Then its better to buy one with AMD’s stock cooler. As stock coolers are confirmed to work with all types of AM4 motherboards. AMD said that “Our cooler works well and we have shared the platform design guide with NDA partners that includes the clamping force required to correctly mount coolers on the AM4 platform.”

I’ve also seen a lot of reviewers face the same problem with their aftermarket coolers. According to reviewers only the bolt down third part coolers are having issues. Mostly air coolers, while AIO liquid coolers are not having mounting issues.

In case you want to a stock AMD cooler. Well they come in two versions. An RGB version and a non RGB version. The only difference between the two, except from the price difference is the lighting. So if you are someone who is planning to update to a third part air cooler later on. Then there is no point in spending extra for an RGB one.

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AMD Wraith Max AMD AM4 Motherboard Aftermarket Cooler Incompatibility
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