6 22 AMD 16 Cores/ 32 Threads WhiteHaven Behemoth Enthusiast Class CPU Leaked

Since the release of Ryzen 7 people expected AMD would eventually release a true competitor to the i7 6950K a 10 core 20 thread beast that costs 1600$. We finally have some indication that AMD is looking for another win with the high-end CPU performance area.

Folks over at VideoCardz spotted an AMD engineering sample that has 16 cores 32 thread running at 3.6 ghz. This looks like the Bugatti Veyron of CPU. At this point it’s only an engineering sample, no price or no release date, no other specs that we know of. What we do know is the code name is “WhiteHaven”.

6 21 AMD 16 Cores/ 32 Threads WhiteHaven Behemoth Enthusiast Class CPU Leaked

It has a ton of cache and supports quad-channel memory, something that was lacking with the Ryzen CPU at the moment. If WhiteHaven is cheaper than Ryzen 1600 at launch or say under a $1000 at launch, it will be a game changer if the Ryzen 7 wasn’t already.

It would be an instant win for AMD if, it’s priced at under $1000 for the 16 core behemoth. Nvidia on the other hand are fighting on two fronts, both the competitors have money and very good at what they do. AMD really needs to bring it and we are hoping for an AMD win, only for the sake of competition.

Lastly what do you think of AMD’s WhiteHaven 16 core behemoth, please let us know what your thoughts are on this in the comment section below.

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