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Amazon Video apps Can Be Now Play on Xbox One S in 4K UHD


Amazon video apps
 can be now play on Xbox One S in 4K UHD, announced by the giant software ‘Microsoft’. Obviously more benefit for Microsoft console to get another UHD video content app. Sneky Pete, Boscha, and The Grand Tour – these are among the shows available to stream in 4K on Xbox one S. Before Amazon video app, other video streamers like Netflix, Hulu and VUDU put the offer to stream videos in 4K UHD on Microsoft’s Xbox one S, as reported by The Verge.

On the other hand Sony’s Playstation 4 doesn’t support 4K video contents yet, But other devices like Roku, Nvidia’s shield and some other smart TVs also support 4K videos with HDR. So, according to thurrott Microsoft reported with a firm;

“With four times the resolution of standard HD, 4K Ultra HD delivers the clearest, most realistic video possible,”  Microsoft . “Xbox One S is the only console that lets you stream 4K video content and watch Ultra HD Blu-ray movies with High Dynamic Range.”

If are already an Amazon subscriber and you are using it before than 4K support will automatically updated but in another case if you are not an amazon subscriber than you can enjoy 30-days free trial, which easily access you to the Amazon video library. Than you can enjoy 4K video content there.

So, what do you, are you a subscriber or whether you are going to subscribe for the 30-days free trial? Let us know all, in the comment section provided below.


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