Currently, there is only one product is revealed by Amazon with push button, named as Amazon Tap is ready to launch in the market. Amazon is rolling out the new updated version of speakers convincing the users to buy a new Amazon voice assistance, the Alexa.

GADGETWISE master675 Amazon Tap: a push button free device just say Alexa it would be always listening you

The Amazon assistant is very much advanced in the terms of interactions you have no need to push a button just give a voice command. The Alexa is functional with hand free mode it also supports iOS and Android just required the WiFi connection.

Amazon Doesn’t Need Push Button Anymore:

Amazon launched first Tap assistant last year, at the same time it announced Echo Dot a more minimized device, advanced version with full-fledged smart speaker, Echo. The last year version does not support omnidirectional the users need to push to activate Alexa. The only hurdle is that The Echo is not function efficient.

Tap’s Battery Takes The Toll:

The Tap is created with portability which depletes the battery over the period of time. The battery losing feature is an exhaustive feature of previous devices. The new Amazon device is designed with the eight hours battery life as well it can be shifted to sleep mode to save the extra drain of power. The Tap also support more than two devices if the user say “echo spatial perception” the two of nearest devices will response.

amazon tap Amazon Tap: a push button free device just say Alexa it would be always listening you

How To Update Amazon Tap:

The updates for Amazon Tap would be automatically available in the next week if these are not available automatically you can update the device by hitting Alexa mobile app and download it manually. The most important update is hand free mode update with the requirement of micro phone to receive voice commands.

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The Amazon Tap is available currently for  sale for $130. Additionally this is a dominating feature of the app it is always functional and always responding.