Amazon inspired Google Home smart speaker features and now the company announce the Amazon Echo smart speakers will recognize the voice of the speaker. The speaker also informs you the detail of the speaker and information that you asked for it. The company is continuously working on this feature and multiple software to improve and launch the technology in Echo smart speakers.

Moreover, when the technology comes to Alexa, initially the speaker was not featured with to voice recognition, but with the development, the company tested by creating different profiles of the users and asked Alexa to recognize, it gives the personalized results of individual users. The users can train the Alexa with customized option for each of the users and it will read the messages for you.

alexa with text Amazon says its Alexa assistant is now featured with voice recognition options

The Alexa voice recognition feature will allow a user to make a personalized option to set the voice of the user. The users can set the new voice profile by moving with given steps, you have go to the Alexa app from your smartphone, go to Settings, tap on Your voice and then you can phrase voice in multiple ways. It seems Amazon is following the Google Home voice assistant feature “Google Assistant”. The company says:

 Amazon says its individual voice recognition feature will be limited to Amazon’s own services and a handful of other services. Third-party calendars, and other things will take more time.

While both companies, Amazon and Google are expending the smart Speaker market around the glob by offering multiple features. Share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!

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