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Amazon has officially released their latest Echo Device with built-in Touch Screen

Echo Device with built-in Touch Screen

Amazon just unveiled a new Amazon echo device with a built-in touch screen on this Tuesday. God knows how popular will this get because the simplicity of the echo was that you would speak to it and then it would speak the information back to you and there is never a need to look at the device to see what it was showing you.

Now Amazon has putt a screen into this echo device, users would feel the need to look at it. Frankly it’s doesn’t look useful besides clock or maybe weather information or maybe some Amazon shipping details and tracking information on the screen.

Our concerns are about the device is about the screen size? Could the users see the information across the room. If it’s going to be hard to see then what’s the point of a device when users can use the same service on their phone.

Amazon is hoping to gain market share on these smart devices, the more devices they have out there, the more selection people have to buy it. But one might use their smartphone because just about anything that the echo with the screen can do, that can be done on smartphone as well. And that’s where the issue with Amazon Echo comes.

Amazon Echo will be perfect for those users that strictly uses Amazon only (Amazon video, Amazon shopping) then Echo makes sense for those users only. For Amazon they just want to sell as many Echo devices as possible. Get more out there more market share. Amazon don’t have that many services for people to get hooked on beside Amazon Prime and their Prime Video. We’ll have to wait and see how it does.


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