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Amazon Halo Review

Amazon Halo Review

Amazon’s recent move into the creation of wearables continues with its Halo fitness tracker. Amazon Halo Fitness tracker has already made it out of beta and is currently available in the US for $99.99. Naturally, wearables are more personal than other types of tech in history. But Amazon Halo possesses actionable features and insights that will allow people to enjoy a better and healthy lifestyle and fitness choices.

Amazon Halo Features 

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Mood Tracking 

With Halo Band, the app is essential. It has no display, and Halo Band was intended to be invisible; however, you can adjust the device to listen to you to track or measure your mood regularly. Halo Band listens to you and then uses machine learning to know your feelings. It reads when you’re angry, sad, excited, stressed, agitated, and even when you’re neutral. 

This data on mood is intended to flag potential emotional and attentive problem areas. With the Halo band, you can bookmark essential conversations so Halo Band can track them. But the listening feature can be easily turned off if you don’t like it.  

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However, Amazon gives you privacy information every time, so you can feel safe, leaving the microphone on. All data is not sent to Amazon’s cloud, so they can’t be downloaded or replayed. Notwithstanding, Amazon’s Halo Band is going to listen in and provide you with few insights on how you’ve been perceived. 

For instance, when having specific discussions with your boss or employees or even your partner, or whenever you’re trying to know how you sound around your children.

Body Fat Tracker

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Another great feature of the Halo app is the body fat tracker. The Halo app configuration is highly effective, and connecting to the Halo Band is very easy and entirely well done.

Halo provides you with voice directions through to the measurement, and then you discover that your body fat is essentially twice what the smart scale says. Amazon had to explain the difference between the measurements carefully but still insisted on the results for two hours after the assessment. Besides, Amazon suggested that it’s more efficient to carry out your body fat assessment every two weeks.

To effectively use the Body Fat tracker, the steps you must take include:

  • Strip to your underwear.
  • Carefully place your phone at an accurate angle of the camera.
  • Move away from your phone to a sufficient distance so that the camera can take a proper image that covers head to ankles.
  • Then pose four ways for a 360-degree view.

Besides, you can anticipate several apps to feature in the Halo ecosystem with great content and connections in the future. 8fit, Orangetheory, and Headspace are some of the Halo app content, but many options are being included at a fast clip.

Sleep/Activity Tracking 

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Halo gives points according to the activity carried out and deducts them whenever you’re inactive or sedentary regarding the aspect of exercise. 

The app reveals a graphical representation of your night’s rest right from the moment you got into bed to the time you fell asleep, and also disturbances during the night and all of your sleep cycles. It scores your night’s sleep by merging each of the data into a number. This ability makes it easier to understand how peaceful your night rest was and how revitalized and refreshed you should feel during the day.

Also, Halo can measure your body temperature at night and how much it transformed. Being aware of your body temperature can also help you understand how well you slept.

Aside from fitness tracking, sleep tracking is generally the second-most activity tracked. Apple Watch has possessed third-party sleep tracking for a while now but acquired native support with the watchOS 7. Without a doubt, Halo tracks lots of information compared to its counterpart Apple Watch.

Amazon Halo Design 

Image Source: CNN

Amazon Halo was not designed to have a screen, unlike the rest of the fitness trackers. To operate it or interact with it, you’ll have to do that through the app using either a smartphone or tablet. The Halo is created from a fabric band, and it comes in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) and in three different colors (black, silvery light blue, and pink).

The Halo possesses a ‘body’ that keeps the sensor that collects all your health data. It also has a charging pin, which will probably power up with a proprietary charger, similar to some fitness bands. Generally, the Halo looks quite like an attractive and sophisticated device; besides, the design is so sleek that you might forget that you are wearing it. 

The Amazon Halo is also water-resistant for about 50 meters, and it’s also swim-proof. The Amazon Halo promotional materials for the band reveals someone swimming, although there’s no specific mention of swim tracking modes.


The release of this Amazon Halo raised a question: Why would Amazon release a product like this at this time? When movements are being restricted, and we spend most of our time at home, the truth is that we need the product the most. People should reduce the health risks of gaining weight and reduce being more sedentary during this pandemic. The Halo aimed to motivate behavioral change with education and awareness. 

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