The smart speaker on Amazon Echo has been successful product and which is expected to be dominated with the artificial intelligence space this year. The device of smart home is powered by Amazon’s personal digital assistant, Alexa, which is said to have the ability of a wide range of functions such as answering the questions, carrying out a multitude of task and controlling the connected devices. Nevertheless, for the homes with residents that share the similar name with the digital assistant, Problems caused by Alexa.

Alexa Wreaking Havoc in Homes of Amazon.

Companies that have developed digital personal assistant presented them with human names. Where Google went with Apple, Microsoft, Amazon which went with Siri, Alexa, Cortana respectively. Be that as it may, as indicated by a Wall Street Journal report, contrasted with Siri and Cortana, Alexa is a much more basic name.

i Amazon Echo Powers Up With Having the Residents Of Same Name are Called, Alexa Wreaking Havoc in Homes, How it can e fixedvia:

Indeed, it was the 39th most mainstream name in the United States in 2016, which implies that there are homes wherein the Amazon Echo advanced colleague offers names with an inhabitant. The issue comes from the way that Alexa is the default voice order for awakening the Amazon Echo, with whatever said subsequently being considered as a charge by the savvy speaker. The report accounts diverse situations wherein individuals named Alexa are experiencing difficulty with the Amazon Echo in their home.

“I generally loved my name, until Amazon offered it to a robot,” said 24-year-old Alexa Sussman from New York. Alexa Scott from North Carolina said that her Amazon Echo enacts a great deal amid prepackaged game evenings, when they reveal to her that the ball is in her court.

Alexa Jones from Nevada even had some relatives treat her like the Echo with summons, which was entertaining at first yet now needs to end. Individuals named Alexa are by all account not the only ones encountering the issue, as even calls for Alex and Alexis are being befuddled by the Amazon Echo as a wake up summon for Alexa.

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Actually, Amazon Echo clients don’t need to live with individuals with an indistinguishable name from the advanced individual right hand to experience issues. For instance, when 27-year-old Jordann Mitchell was sitting in front of the TV, a character asked a young lady named Alexis to request 12 pints of drain.

The Amazon Echo really woke up and submitted the request, however gratefully, the request did not experience as proprietors need to give affirmation by saying “yes.”

Problem to be fixed with Alexa

Unaware by many users, there is an option to change the default wake word of the Amazon Echo from Alexa to “Amazon”, “Echo” and from the start of this week “computer”. Hopes might solve the problem of having one of their resident share the same name as the digital personal assistant by changing the wake word.