Amazon Alexa is an amzing application with a variety of stuff in it which allows the user to use it with his voice. In simple, Alexa is a very intelligent Assistant who can assist you in every stuff of your choice and allows you to perform a number of projects without touching your screen. The recent announcement by Amazon have shown a lot of improvement in Alexa by obtaining more than 10,000 skills in the app. The interaction of the user with its device became very interesting since the introduction of various features in this game. The 10,00th skill which was introduced in the game was a music game named “Beat the Intro”. Initially, the music game was introduced as a DVD game, but, later on, the game was introduced in the application as well.

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The recent announcement about Alexa has pronounced 10,000 skills in Alexa which the users can enjoy. This addition of different options and other things in the game are making it interesting every next day. The application has been performing as a personal assistant for quite a time, but now it has added fun to its users lives. The interaction features which have been added in different ways are not only funny, but, also relaxing. The personal assistant, in this regard has become more personal and more assisting.

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Amazon has opened the third-party development option in 2015. The third party developers of this application has integrated other things in this application in a tremendous pace. Only in the last seven months, the number of skills in the facility increased from one thousand to seven thousand which is a spiking pace. While, the latest 3,000 applications or skills were added during the past six to seven weeks. Alexa has been introduced in a number of other things like Ford cars, singing fish and Amazon Fire TV sticks.

A new game which can be played by using every body part