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Amazfit T-Rex Pro Review: A rugged smartwatch for fitness enthusiasts

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Review

Earlier last year, Huami launched the Amazfit T-Rex rugged smartwatch and a few days ago, the company unveiled the Pro version.

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is a rugged fitness watch that’s an excellent choice for sports enthusiasts who love to play it rough. The smartwatch possesses a15 military-grade certificates for being able to manage extreme environments. The water resistance was upgraded from 5ATM on the previous model to 10ATM. This implies that the watch can survive underwater for about 100 meters instead of 50 meters.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Design 

Image Source: XDA Developers

With the T-Rex Pro, you get a lot of value for your money. But it doesn’t have a ‘wow’ factor. The T-Rex Pro looks similar to the original Amazfit T-Rex. For instance, the T-Rex Pro has four screws in the bezel to give it an industrial, practical, and a little plasticky appearance.

There are four metal buttons (back, mode, up, and down) at the edge of the casing that can be easily accessed while wearing a glove or running due to the button’s enormous size. Besides, that made accidental presses much possible.

It is 13.5km thick and has a 47.7mm radius, and the T-rex Pro is a fat polycarbonate product with a masculine appearance. It weighs 59.4g, which implies that it doesn’t feel heavy when worn. Zepp stated that the T-Rex Pro is shock-resistant, and it can handle a temperature of -40°C to 70°C, withstands salt spray, and meets the MIL-STD-810G standard. 

Image Source: XDA Developers

It has a 1.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen display that possesses a 360 x 360-pixel resolution. It is visible under bright sunlight, but you’ll have to increase the brightness level. This truly affects the battery life, which Zepp rates at 18days. 

It has a silicone rubber 22mm-wide wrist strap that feels comfy and stays firm while running. The other added accessory in the box is a proprietary charger attached magnetically to the back case. Here you’ll experience the flashing LEDs of Zepp’s new-for-2021 Bio-Tracking 2 PPG optical sensor that normally measures heart rate and SpO2. It also has an altimeter, geomagnetic sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and ambient light sensor.

Image Source: GSM Arena

The T-Rex Pro comes in three color options – Desert Grey, Meteorite Black, and Steel Blue. And what keeps the whole package up and running is a 390 mAh battery to provide about 18 days of endurance in normal usage. 

Summarily, it’s a data-gathering monster.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Features 

Image Source: XDA Developers

The T-Rex Pro is an upgraded and capable version of its predecessor. T-Rex Pro is an excellent performing and great value smartwatch option that doesn’t have its limitations.

The T-Rex Pro debatably added extra features than it should at its low price. GPS and heart rate monitoring are likely the most essential for daily use, and they’re working perfectly. It picks your heart rate every 10 minutes while at rest and regularly during an activity. GPS tracking, which uses GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, or BeiDou satellite positioning, also works perfectly.

Image Source: World Today News

After you’re done or while running, you’ll get review data on time elapsed, average heart rate, burned calories, and other essential details like average stride, elevation changes, speed, and heart rate zones. Immediately you’re done with a run, T-Rex Pro will give you a recommended recovery time.

It provides you with a readout for VO2 max. That’s the maximum amount of oxygen in milliliters that someone can use within one minute per kilogram of body weight. 

The SpO2 (oxygen saturation) readings are more of newness and not vital unless you’re hiking at altitude and cautious of altitude sickness. There is much data here but no sufficient interpretation, goal-setting, or virtual coaching.

Image Source: Tech Radar

There are two ways to track your activity: allow the T-Rex Pro to detect it automatically, tap the mode button, and scroll down until you get to your intended activity like outdoor running, treadmill, trail running, walking, indoor walking, etc. But you can still add more manually.

The T-Rex Pro isn’t a good bedfellow. It has a vibrating watch alarm, but rather than a gentle haptic buzz or two, and you get heavy-duty bursts that don’t lessen for 20 seconds. So it will make other people in your bed get woken. 

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Battery Life

Image Source: XDA Developers

The tempered glass touchscreen is very responsive, making the T-Rex Pro comfortable to use while on the go. T-Rex Pro has about an 18-days battery life but this applies if you didn’t do any exercise. Although, if you observe an hour’s exercise daily and intentionally track it, then you can expect the T-Rex Pro to run for about a week. A bit lesser if you customize the T-Rex Pro to say, emit a haptic buzz each time you run a mile, or you adjust the display to be at maximum brightness and ‘always-on’.

How To Set Up Amazfit T-Rex Pro

Image Source: GSM Arena

The T-Rex Pro is a fitness-orientated watch, but it also possesses a few smartwatch-like features. It’s nothing close to being the ‘ultimate personal assistant,’ as stated by the maker, but you can adjust to haptically buzz for incoming text messages, calls, and reminders. It can also make use of primary control of the music on your phone.

Connect it to a smartphone through Bluetooth, which is a simple task, and you’ll also receive a weather forecast, sunrise and sunset times, and the present moon phase.


Amazfit T-Rex Pro is a wonderful option for sports enthusiasts who are looking for a rugged, sturdy smartwatch. It monitors important health data and works best as your workout companion without going low on battery.

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