Intel Core i7-7740X Kaby Lake-X is an appealing option for many with a bizarre update of letting the customers buy a quad-core processor on a platform designed for up to 18-core chips, quad-channel memory, and 28+ PCIe lanes. The processor retails for $339 which is at least £100 more than a comparable LGA 1151-based system. After all the similarities found, one may term it as a re-packaged i7-7700K which has been rolled out as an option for the new HEDT LGA 2066 socket and the X299 platform. Offcourse there are some changes, and the most notable one is that its base clock frequency can go up to 4.3GHz from 4.2GHz of the LGA 1151 Core i7-7700K.

36517 intel%20core%20i7 7740x%20kabylake x%20review%20 %20intro In depth review of Intel Core i7 7740X Kaby Lake X   Decide whether it is a good option for you or not!

The Distinctions

Talking more about the advantages that the Core i7-7740X may have, we have crafted a list:

  • A 23% higher TDP rating (112W vs 91W)
  • Better memory support for Kaby Lake-X
  • Removal of the integrated HD 630 GPU

Though a big chunk of the audience will ignore the removal of the iGPU which could have helped them in features like Quick Sync support for streamers etc., they do expect a price drop accordingly.

intel cm8067702868631 extra1 In depth review of Intel Core i7 7740X Kaby Lake X   Decide whether it is a good option for you or not!Overclocking

Here comes the most interesting part for the freaks and the Kaby Lake-X didn’t disappoint us at all. The 4C8T Kaby Lake-based chip made on the super-fine 14nm process technology, on the LGA 2066 socket allows it to do something that you might not expect. It even aids the CPU’s overclocking capability to make your experience even better.

It’s up to the users to decide whether it suits their needs or not as we’ve also gone through some scenarios where the Kaby Lake-X failed to impress us. The purpose of the detailed description was to let you know the pros and cons so that you make up your mind about the processor.

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