CES 2018 event was a heaven for gaming enthusiasts where manufacturing companies displayed the best of their new products. AkRacing was one of the newcomers in the event with their gaming chairs on the display. There wasn’t much known about the company in the past but the chairs showed at the event were definitely impressive! Pictures courtesy: Techpowerup


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The Underdogs

You can consider the company as one of the underdogs as the various colors of the gaming chairs displayed were unmatched. AKRacing has divided the chairs into 3 different categories such as:

  1. Core Series: The most basic gaming chair structure
  2. Office Series: For maximum comfort to handle your long gaming sessions
  3. Master Series: Full option chairs with a bit of a higher price tag

The Unmatched Warranty

The interesting thing about these chairs is that they come with a five-year warranty for its components like cushion materials etc. While the chair’s frame has a never-ending 10-year warranty!

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