AKG, the official Samsung partner for producing the earphones, is in a new joint venture with the Korean tech giant to unveil a new line of wireless headphones that range from large over the ear models to compact in-ear ones.

AKG N700NC – over the ear

The over the ear AKG N700NC come with soft ear cushions and memory foam for a comfortable wear. The Adaptive Noise Cancelation technology can block out outside sounds. You can get a pair of these for $350 from AKG.com, Samsung.com and Amazon.

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AKG Y500 – on-ear

The AKG Y500 can pair with two devices, allowing you to easily switch between listening to something on your phone to something else on your computer. The headphones can detect when you take them off and will automatically pause playback.

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AKG Y100 – in-ear

These are a tinier version of the Y500 as they also feature multi-point connectivity (pairing with two devices) and Ambient Aware. At just 24g they are light on your head and easy to stash away. Their battery is good for 8 hours of playback and needs 2 hours to charge back up.

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Use the below-given table to compare the three headphones:


  N700NC Y500 Y100
Form Factor Over-ear On-ear In-ear
Adaptive Noise cancelling Yes
Ambient Aware Yes Yes
Automatic Play & Pause Yes
Charging time 2 hours 2.5 hours 2 hours
Music play time with Bluetooth on Up to 20 hours Up to 33 hours Up to 8 hours
Color Silver Black, Blue, Green, Pink Pink, Green, Blue Black
Weight 270g 230g 24g
Pricing $349.95 $149.95 $99.95
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