Electric cars are great as they go easy on your pockets but surely, you have to compromise on the speed factor. But wait! Lucid Motors’ electric car is here to prove you wrong. Recently, a video spread over the Internet showing a Lucid Motor’s Air going full speed at a figure of 235 MPH! Yes! It’s not KPH, it’s MPH!

The R&D is Ongoing!

Buckle up your seat belts dudes! This electric car is goals! The Verge‘s Andrew J.Hawkins had a session with Lucid’s chief technology officer, Peter Rawlinson after which he revealed that previously, the car hit a figure of 160 mph on the test track, but Rawlinson was confident enough at that time that the car can smoothly hit a number higher than 200 mph. As a result of the engineers’ hard work, the figure was improved to 217 mph just 3 months ago and now the milestone has been embedded with ‘235 mph‘, earlier this month.

Electric Cars Are The Future of Speed

As a competition, we have seen the Tesla Model S P100D hitting an impressive 0–60 mph sprint in 2.9 seconds. The recent speed figures by Air show that the competition is on and more cars can join in the race. But if you are thinking about it as a limitation to technology that has slowed down the race, you are wrong. Due to the ever increasing figure of fatalities by the cause of high-speed vehicles, a “gentleman’s agreement” has been made between Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW due to which, we don’t really see such high figures from these big names.

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share image Lucid Motors electric car Air is the first one of its type to hit the 235 MPH figure
Talking more about the Lucid Motors’ Air, we’ve been informed that it will sport an insane, 1,000-horsepower engine. However, the company has decided to release a slightly more modest 400 horsepower engine in the initial models. The car has an official high-speed figure of 240 miles and it will cost you $60,000. If this is still not enough for you, Lucid aims to sell more expensive 315- and 400-mile range versions.