AMD will be launching their high-end Vega GPU for the consumers in MAy as told by the sources. Coupled with next generation HBM2 memory and GPU architecture, gaming feature will be featured from the launch. AMD Vega GPUs for a wide range aer designed fro the application such as professional work, gaming and server oriented work. At various events Vega has been detailing and demonstrating the most recent one being in CES.

Arriving in May, Graphic Card of AMD`s Vega GPU for Radeon, Vega with a Detailed information.

Running inside their Ryzen based desktop PCs, AMD showcased Vega. last week consumer Radeon card was based on Vega pictured in a video published by LinusTechTips. Gave us a quite good demo on the AMD event “more here”. The launch of Vega Radeon graphic card, after a year will come after the launch of NVIDIA, launch of GeForce 10 series graphic card is based on the Pascal GPU. GeForce 10 first series card, the GTX 1080 will be launched on 27th of May. it will take place at a special event since AMD planned to launch their Ryzen Processor at GDC. on the actual date, the launch may be close to Computex which starts on the 30th of May so that can be possible. Available in several SKUs for enthusiast, AMD will have Vega GPU based cards as they have at least two chips in the lineup, Vega 10 which is pictured and high end part already. There is also Vega 11 GPU which is the low end part expected to launch at the same time. AMD might also show their Dual chip Vega 10×2 based card on the event, while it will not be available till a much later date.

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AMD Radeon Aimed at 4K AAA & VR Gaming, 4096 Cores, Up To 8GB HBM2 VRAM   AMD High Performance Vega GPUs to Be Launch in May This Yearvia:

AMD recetly showed the Radeon Pro Duo board several months before the launch at E3, the year was 2015. The card didn’t launch until march 2016.

From AMD Radeon Vega Graphic Card, what to expect!

In the first half of year 2017, AMD high end Vega 10 GPU will be available to the consumers. The chip spans a die size of over 500m,2 from early features and calculation of the two HBM2 stacks,
Absorbing up to 16GB of HBM2. the demonstrated consumer using DOOM and Star Wars: Battlefront featuring 8GB of VRAM HBM2. the specific device ID for the consumer variant 687F:C1 the latest 14nm GFX9 core architecture graphic chip will be utilizing based on the NCU design. The Graphic card will be featuring 64 Compute units or 4096 stream processors.

The throughput of the chip on which AMD plans to increase the clock speed which will allow AMD to pump numbers better than the Fiji GPU which is based on 28nm GCN 3.0 structure and it comes with the same number of cores like for example 4096 SPs. The server part of the full chip is expected to feature a TDP of 225W with the clock speed around 1526 MHz. higher clock speed by consumer oriented graphic card will chip with better coolers and PCBs designed to allow the overclocking of the GPUs.

Vega 11 GPUs and AMD Vega 10

vega 1 1 Aimed at 4K AAA & VR Gaming, 4096 Cores, Up To 8GB HBM2 VRAM   AMD High Performance Vega GPUs to Be Launch in May This Year

Specifications of MD Vega 10 Memory:

HBM graphic card of first generation such as Radeon R9 Fury X was limited to just 4GB of VRAM with a bandwidth of 512 GB/s as it has four layers per stack which will continue with the latest Vega GPUs since AMD will be having to maximize value on these cards for the gaming crowd. The pin speed also increases with HBM2 having new memory standard clocking up to 2GB/s compared to 1GB/s on HBM1. The expanded clock speed would permit an indistinguishable memory transmission capacity from four HBM1 stacks on only two HBM2 stacks. The expanded thickness likewise permits AMD to chop down the expenses in planning bigger interposers. HBM2 itself consumes more room contrasted with HBM1 with a kick the bucket estimate around 92mm2 while HBM1 was only 35mm2 in size.

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Vega Final Presentation 15 840x473 1 Aimed at 4K AAA & VR Gaming, 4096 Cores, Up To 8GB HBM2 VRAM   AMD High Performance Vega GPUs to Be Launch in May This Yearvia:

A few things beside determinations will incorporate design execution speedier than the GeForce GTX 1080 as exhibited a few circumstances. We can anticipate that the card will highlight incredible power effectiveness with higher clock speed on the customer variation. A 4096 stream processor SKU with 16 GB HBM2 is appraised at 225W so we can expect a higher timed variation for buyers. AMD will have AIBs offering a few custom variations of the card including Mini-ITX variations. With respect to estimating, Polaris was forcefully evaluated against its Pascal based rivals. We can expect the same with Radeon Vega which will be estimated to handle the GTX 1080 and all the more conceivably, the GTX 1080 Ti.