Founder of the social media networking giant needs no introduction and so does ‘Chan Zuckerberg Initiative,’ the well known  charitable organization he founded with the help of Priscilla Chan, his spouse.

Mark and wife AI Startup Meta Acquired by the CZI: Confirms Mark Zuckerberg

Now the Facebook CEO accepts a new challenge and the CZI makes its first investment. According to a statement issued by the CZI; Artificial Intelligence (AI) belongs to them now; they have bought the AI startup Meta.

The CZI’s move is all about taking a step further towards reaching a unique goal i.e. ‘eliminating illness’ from the entire planet earth. Mark Zuckerberg, his doctor wife Priscilla, and Cori Bargmann the CTO CZI are pretty excited over the move.

Mark Zuckerberg AI Startup Meta Acquired by the CZI: Confirms Mark Zuckerberg

Cori expressed “It is exciting news that Meta has been acquired by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Meta has done a great job by developing an AI, helping scientists and health researchers read and understand, prioritize countless scientific papers.”

“The future of Meta is safe now and that excites not only me but the entire team,” shared Sam Molyneux the co-founder Meta. “Eradication of disease from the (entire) world is the vision of the CZI,” continued Sam adding, “to make the planet earth healthier.”

Sam made it clearer that why everyone is happy and so excited over the move by saying that Meta’s joining the CZI means “bringing what was built to and for the entire scientific community.” He said Meta’s goal is to manage all kinds of diseases, cure and possibly prevent the same; by the time the century ends.

About the acquisition, no financial details were revealed by the company has not revealed.

Zuckerberg and Priscilla however, have pledged to donate lucrative $3 billion or more; over the next decade; striving to manage, banish and eliminate all the diseases. They also plan to donate towards medical research, take Biomedicine research for instance where thousands of relevant papers are printed every day. The Meta AI thus will be able to take care all the survey of these papers and analyze the same at a rapid speed like of a superhuman.

After the takeover, Meta will be consolidated into a tool and its capabilities will be provided for free of cost to scientists for extensive research.

The thought or idea behind the subject acquisition is Zuckerberg’s personal interest and love towards AI; it involves the AI-fueled software he developed in Dec., 2016 named Jarvis.

The “butler” reportedly takes care of various smaller issues of his master at home; entertains even the family.

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