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AI Real World Examples in Daily Life

AI Real World Examples in Daily Life

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in existence for decades. However, to so many people, it sounds like a threat and the usage and applications are very common than what you can conceive in your mind. The benefits of AI can never be overemphasized because it helps us in our day-to-day activities, from getting directions to an unknown location, to developing a new business or even in reading our emails.

The world of technology is debating the value of artificial intelligence and the roles of AI in shaping and molding our future. But the truth is that AI is already making waves in this era and also having a massive impact on us. Written below are various ways in which artificial intelligence is being used in our day-to-day activities, and they include –

1. Smartphones
Our smartphone is a piece of evidence that indeed AI is impacting our lives, there are some of the elements of AI we are aware of such as smart assistant (Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa or Bixby). Little do we know that AI is also behind the portrait mode effect when shooting a picture with our phone, with a single lens the Google pixel 2 can take beautiful shots due to the help of AI.

Lots of Smartphone brands are adding AI into smartphones with big chip producers such as Huawei and Qualcomm making chips with great inbuilt AI abilities. The presence of AI helps in the addition of great features to smartphones such as scene detection, mixed and virtual reality elements, etc.

2. Cars and Drones
The presence of AI is also prominent in smart cars and drones. Back in the days, automatic cars are the real deal, but presently automobile companies such as Tesla have released a fleet of semi-automatic cars.

When it comes to automobiles, Telsa cars are a perfect example of how AI is a great influence in our everyday life. These cars are like an upgraded version of the automatic cars. Every Tesla car is connected, which means that if you need to take an unanticipated hard-left on a cross-road, every Tesla car will know how to manipulate that turn after they are updated.

Companies such as Walmart and Amazon are greatly committing theirs all into drone delivery programs. It will surely gain grounds than you can ever imagine, besides, presently militaries across all countries in the world are already utilizing successful drone programs.

3. Social Media Platform
Almost every being in the world has a smartphone and almost 90% have more than two social media accounts across the various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, etc. Well by using social media, most of your decisions are being influenced by artificial intelligence.

Every notification that pops up on your phone and the feeds on your timeline are as a result of AI. It helps in combining your web searches, your past actions, interactions, in short everything you do on those Apps and modifies the experience just for you. The integration of AI in social media Apps makes them more suitable for your use.

AI is used in LinkedIn to help connect people to jobs with the goal of an improved employee-employer connection.

4. Music Services
AI also influences our daily lives in the area of music services.

In music services, AI is used to track and monitor your listening habits regularly. To make use of the information gotten to recommend other songs you might like to listen to.

Google Play provides customized music suggestions. AI champions the recommendations by taking into consideration factors like the time of day and the weather to provide music that will suit the mood for activities.

Spotify also provides suggestions for discoveries, new releases, and old favorites, and they will be based on your listening habits.

5. Maps and Directions
AI helps in making apps such as Google Maps calculate traffic and construction to search for the fastest quickest route to your destination.

Google Maps also provides directions to your destination based on the fastest route based on the usual traffic. The Orange sections of the route show the locations where traffic is slower.

6. Online Ads
The primary sector that makes use of Artificial intelligence is the online ad sector. AI helps in tracking the statistics of users and also delivers an ad to you based on the statistics. It helps in discovering our interests by providing ads by the global ad sector.

Whenever you are online and you can see any ads or product suggestions, be sure that’s another medium through which AI is influencing your daily life.

7. Navigation and Travel
AI also influences our daily lives when it comes to the areas of navigation and travel. There is no doubt about the fact that lots of people make use of navigation almost every day when traveling. Either you are making use of Google or Apple Maps for navigating, or calling for an Uber, or booking a flight ticket what made it suitable for your use is AI.

Most navigation services such as Apple or Google maps uses AI to interpret loads of data points in other to offer you real-time data. AI plays an important role in how we move from one location to the other.

8. Banking and Finance
When it comes to the banking and finance sector, lots of banks make use of AI in personalizing each of your experiences and actions on their mobile apps.

Most banks use AI to send mobile alerts in other to prevent fraud. Such as when a large transaction occurs with your account, or you want to make a purchase either online or another location.

9. Goods and Product Recommendations
Most online retailers make use of AI to collate information about your preferences and your pattern of shopping. After which they personalize your shopping actions and experiences by recommending goods and products that best suits your shopping pattern.

For instance, when you search for a book or an item on Amazon, the search engine automatically shows you other related goods or products bought while browsing for the same product you are searching for.

10. Surveillance and Security
AI helps in assisting humans in monitoring and controlling lots of monitors with various feeds from many cameras at the same time, plus the feature of facial and object recognition.

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