For the last few years, the US international travelers face a panic investigations by the US officials before entering into the state. They have to ask to unlock the devices like smartphonesand laptop. It’s annoying for someone to hand over the devices and the invasion of the privacy.


travel safe compressed.0 Addition of Travel mode in 1Password, allows user to save password and data while on traveling

The international travelers now not need to be worry, last week the 1Pasword updates the new feature known as “Travel mode”. This app allows to protect your data on the international borders.

This app temporary remove the all passwords from the smart devices. On activation of the app, your personal data, passwords for credit cards also hide and you can get rid of annoying problems from the investigations on borders.

According to the report, David Heinemeier Hansson, the founder of the 1Pasword had to say:

International travel while maintaining your privacy (and dignity!) has become increasingly tough. We need better tools to help protect ourselves against unwarranted searches and the leakage of business and personal secrets. 1Password is taking a great step in that direction with their new Travel Mode. Bravo.

The users can protect the data from the Travel mode by simply users have to sign out from all devices by 1password.

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Make sure, all the data you want to protect must be put in one vault. Now sign in 1Password again and mark the vault that you want to save as “safe for travel”. Active the travel mode from your profile. Unlock the 1Password from your devices the vault is now temporarily removed, now you are ready for to go international trips.

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After the investigation, your smart devices have no more sensitive information, after reaching on your destination, sign in again and turn off Travel Mode. The data on the vaults is safe in your smart devices.