In the early year of 2016, a new variant was discovered by the security researchers of HummingBad Android malware which is hidden in over 20 of the different applications on Google Play. malware known as HummingBad was highly sophisticated one as employing a chain attack strategy and a rootkit to gain complete control of a defective device. Spreading through the app store of third party, HummingBad had managed its infected over 10 million devices.

datapipe 660 An Ad Company of China That Turned Out to Be a Cyber Crime Group Which is Back with a Bang   Coming Up With An Early Android Malware Named as HummingBadvia:

Back in the previous summer, Check Point had uncovered that the Chinese promotion firm Yingmob – that guaranteed to offer advertisement bolster, including content, pictures, and video advertisements – was really a digital wrongdoing bunch. The gathering figured out how to gain power of more than 85 million gadgets, producing the organization $300K/month in false promotion income. While accepted to host been an issue of third-get-together stores, analysts discovered that the malware has at long last discovered its way to the Google Play.

In 2016, HummingBad was considered as the “most predominant malware all around,” overwhelming the portable danger scene with more than 72% of assaults. It is not an unexpected then that analysts and Android clients are stressed what destruction the new variation of HummingBad would wreak in Google Play. Try not to stress, however. Google evacuated the applications after the people at Check Point uncovered the issue to the organization. In any case, before it happened the scandalous malware was downloaded over a couple of million circumstances!

HummingBad of Android Malware Becomes HummingWhale

Once a user download the malicious application, the APK operator as a dropper, applications to be downloaded with additional features. It uses an android plugin called by DroidPlugin which was Originally developed by Qihoo 360, to upload fraudulent applications on a virtual machine.

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App Store icon An Ad Company of China That Turned Out to Be a Cyber Crime Group Which is Back with a Bang   Coming Up With An Early Android Malware Named as HummingBadvia:

“In the first place, the charge and control server gives fake advertisements and applications to the introduced malware, which presents them to the client. Once the client tries to close the advertisement, the application, which was at that point downloaded by the malware, is transferred to the virtual machine and keep running as though it is a genuine gadget. This activity produces the fake referrer ID, which the malware uses to create income for the culprits,” the examination group clarified composed.

While Google has now expelled all the pernicious applications from Google Play, it is hazy whether the malware can at present sidestep the security checks set up by the store.