We all knew that Activision Blizzard wasn’t expecting that kickback that came with the releasing of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare previous year in May. The first trailer of the Infinite Warfare released on the YouTube, which was completely slaughtered on the YouTube.The game trailer has around huge number of dislikes on YouTube, as of now it has 3,454,923 dislikes and about 569,635 likes, which is very strange. Also the game-play has some sort of issues, messing all over with gameplay mechanics and taking the game into space which Activision recently admits that “taking COD: Infinite Warfare to space was a bad idea”.

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Things being what they are, therefore, the Activision team is gonna need to make things right this time. All things considered, it was reported that Sledgehammer Games is leading the announcement of new Call of Duty this year. All the more significantly, “Thomas Tippl” the Chief running officer stated that Sledgehammer Games “will get Call of Duty back to its underlying foundations, and back to it’s old style gameplay. This is really a good news for gamers that were unimaginably unhappy to what Infinite Warfare conveyed to the gamers.

The hatred encompassing Infinite Warfare saturated the sales, almost 50% of sales got down if matched with Black Ops III. And then Battlefield 1 got released at that time and gathered much more fame in the gaming world because of its gameplay, the graphics and it’s story.

It’s still not confirmed yet, what kind of characters would be in the upcoming game, however we are expecting that Activision Blizzard will come back to what made COD so incredible that will again incite fans to leave their hatred behind.

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