The previous year was full of criticism over microtransactions introduced in the games and even the discussion was raised in the government sectors. Activision Blizzard has released its earnings call recently in which the fact was disclosed that the development studio closed the year with $7.16 billion in revenue.

activision blizzardlogo Activision Blizzard rakes in $4 billion from the In game Net Bookings (Microtransactions)

The figure itself is a record in the company’s history according to the game publishers. The interesting fact here is that the main sources of income for the company in this game was the microtransactions embedded in it. The money fed to the game by its players was more than half of their annual revenue.

In-game Net Bookings

That’s what the company calls the earnings of the game in order to cover the word microtransactions. You’ll be surprised to know that the company rolled in $4 billion, just from the microtransactions of the game.

Stronghold Metadata Image Activision Blizzard rakes in $4 billion from the In game Net Bookings (Microtransactions)
Most of the modern-day game production companies rely on microtransactions for earning more money out of their games because the money earned from just selling the titles, isn’t enough to pay for the vast content subjects introduced in the game.

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