Education market is receiving yet another two Chromebooks that will be convertible to form factor and stylus capabilities.

Primarily, these tablets aim to score in the education sector, critics believe it might also be a commercial Midas touch for the company.

Screenshot 4 5 Acer and Asus to launch Chromebooks with a stylus capability


Acer and Asus have stepped into market this time with this latest feature in their must have gadgtes.

The note was shared by Naveen Viswanatha, a product manager for Google Education, through a Google blog. She informs that other competitors too are trying to increase their scope by coming up with their Books. For example, HP, Dell and Lenovo might be the next brands to go with the stylus-friendly Chrombeooks.

More particularly, Lenovo’s Yoga style flipping variety could be the immediate next in the pipeline.

Screenshot 8 6 Acer and Asus to launch Chromebooks with a stylus capability


The blog also shares that Google is aiming at introducing detachable laptops and tablets to school and colleges.

The stylus in these books resembles a pencil, with an eraser on its back to amend text. Moreover, it does not need to be paired or charged, which is of course a sigh of release for business community.


To support further, it also houses USB-C charging port. Additional eye catcher is the built-in camera that is installed in the keyboard. You can save everything with a click on your screen once you flip your gadget on.

Google has also announced its future plans for its products and apps. All Chromebooks unveiled in 2017 will be equipped with Android apps. These might include Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Comp CC, Lightroom Mobile, Illustrator Draw and Creative Cloud Mobile.

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Such developments will surely increase the academic as well economic use of the Chromebooks, as these are already very popular among classrooms.

Reportedly, more than 20 million students have been using them in October. The numbers might go high with the stylus capability.

Screenshot 9 5 Acer and Asus to launch Chromebooks with a stylus capability


Roger Nixon, Director of ICT at Wheatley Park School, Oxford believes that Stylus will be of immense importance to teach and learn mathematics.

It is reported that Acer’s Spin 11 and the Asus’ C213 are scheduled to hit the market in spring 2017.