The Microsofts itself laptops and Hp laptops come with the Windows 10 S. After the Hp, the Acer recently joined the Microsoft for its TravelMate Spin B1 laptop running the Windows 10 S. The laptop is specifically tailor for the education.

The Acer B1 is currently selling for the $399. According to the Softpedia report, it will be available for $299 for less than the tag price when it powered with Windows 10 S. The laptop hardware also support for the Windows 10 Pro. The users can upgrade the Windows 10 pro for paying up the addition $49 as per according to the Microsoft pricing policy.

hp ve acer windows 10 sli bilgisayarlarini tanittilar 10547 Acer announces to join the Microsofts Windows 10 S for its B1, available for $299

The Acer B1 is available at the comparable prices of the HP. The Acer variant has the 11.6-inch display, supporting an Intel Celeron processor and 4GB RAM. The Laptop have the 64GB storage capacity but can be expanded by attaching the storage hardware.

Bluetooth 4.0 support, one USB 3.0 port and another one with USB 2.0 are the features supported. The laptop has an HDMI connector. According to the Acer, it stores the battery for about 13 hours with one charge.

acer joins the windows 10 s revolution with 299 laptop 515381 4 Acer announces to join the Microsofts Windows 10 S for its B1, available for $299

Moreover, the Acer B1 laptop has the waterproof keyboard. The laptop is specially designed for the education sector, that why the features are more suitable for the students. Waterproof laptop protects it from the liquid and you laptop inner remains safe.

The Display screen is also convenient and designed to pressure resistance. The Microsoft and Acer and HP laptop with the Windows 10, designed for the classrooms are defeating the Chromebooks in the classroom.

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According to the report, Microsoft has potential to reduce the prices as per pricing policy for the Windows 10 S. The company can less its prices upto $189. We are waiting for when the prices will be low. Microsoft is working with the different educational department for its products.

On the another side, the Microsoft Surface Pro is available for the $999. The Microsoft has also strategies to dominate over its competitors. How much are you excited to buy the Acer B1 Laptop? Share your thoughts with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!