On Monday January 16, a special prosecutor had issued an arrest warrant for Lee-Jae-yong; formally accusing the Samsung throne’s heir apparent of Bribery, Perjury And Embezzlement. Lee faced all this over his suspected involvement in the infamous corruption scandal that eventually ended on impeachment of Park Geun-hye; the first female South Korean President.

samsung vp lee jae yong joins hands with chinese citic group for financial business 1448045784 Accused of Bribery, Perjury And Embezzlement Samsung Chief Lee Jae yong Manages To Escape Arrest

Without going into the details of the insidious scandal, Lee was accused of huge donations of up to $36 million for currying political favors. Better known as Jay Y. Lee in West, the Samsung chief was accused of embezzling a particular share of the above noted money, from Samsung, donated to Choi Soon-sil, an alleged Park Geun-hye confidante; alleged of controlling a group of non-profits firms/organizations.

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The purpose of bribed money, believed the investigators was served in 2015, in the shape of two Samsung Affiliates’ merger. The influence-trading massive scandal eventually sent Park home following impeachment vote by 234 members of South Korea’s 300-member National Assembly on Dec. 9, 2016. Park faced allegations of allowing too much ‘influence’ to Choi, her mysterious close friend on both; herself and of her government.

However, a Seoul court denied the request to arrest Lee, being one of the most powerful South Korean personnel…clearly sending a setback to entire investigation team believing to closing on the Samsung Electronics juggernaut heir they strongly believed was involved in Bribery, Perjury And Embezzlement.

A judge at the Seoul Central District Court concluded justification at this stage is insufficient; to detain Samsung’s billionaire vice chairman. The judgement thus allowed Lee to leave for home; ending the 48-year-old’s 12-hour-long painful stay at a Seoul-based detention center.

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