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Nintendo Switch claims the first position in the popularity survey leaving behind PS4 Pro and XBox Project Scorpio

Nintendo Switch

If you are thinking that Play Station 4 Pro and Microsoft’s much-hyped Project Scorpio are better than the Nintendo’s current offering “Switch,” then treat yourself with this latest survey report. The latest U.S survey report claims that Nintendo Switch looks more appealing as compared to Project Scorpio or PS 4 Pro.

Survey’s Detailed Report

According to the survey which included more than 2000 U.S participants, gamers aged above 13 prefer to buy Nintendo Switch. The report was revealed by the Nielsen Games 360 which claimed that PS4 Pro stands on the second number while Project Scorpio is least anticipated. Reasons for this much low popularity of Project Scorpio can be many which include Microsoft’s ambiguous policies regarding the release of titles etc. 11% people voted for PS4 Pro while only 9% voted for Project Scorpio. The highest rank is captured by Nintendo Switch which stands tall at 12%.

Figures Can Be Deceiving

As the Project Scorpio is not released yet and many of the things regarding this console remain unknown, the figures may lead you to some distorted results. While covering the specifications revealed till yet about Microsoft’s console, we already told you that it is capable of supporting major titles in 4k without even sweating.

Play Station’s Popularity

Talking about the hardcore specifications, PS 4 is undoubtedly the best gaming console at the moment and generally, the most loved one too among the masses. If the PS 4, Nintendo Switch and Project Scorpio are compared, most of the votes would definitely go on the Sony’s side.


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