In this year, many of the android devices are found malicious ad-click software. The viruses and Malware attack the android devices in widespread. According to the report, many of Malware found directly from the Google Play Store from a one year long. Many android applications have Malware attacks and unfortunately, we are unaware of the widespread Malware.

According to the report, the firm claimed that about 36.5 million Android devices get access and they found the most of the virus came from the apps on Google Play.

The Malware, dubbed “Judy” is the best measure for the Malware, the name is borrowed from the Malware itself. The many of Malware attacks connected to the devices by adding cooking or fashion games.

judy malware app About 36.5 Million Android Devices have Malware attack in this year, Try some tips to safe your Android

The code sent to the devices and infected the device completely, when click on the Google ads, the Malware shifts to the other apps and Malware’s perpetrator earn revenue, hence the Google Play protection system fails to protect the apps.

Kiniwini a Korean company is registered for the apps on the Google Play and is responsible for the creation of apps for the android and as well for iOS and protection against the Malware.

malware android About 36.5 Million Android Devices have Malware attack in this year, Try some tips to safe your Android

The risk of Malware attacks with the apps on Google Play is associated but the android users can protect their devices by applying some tips. Some of the tips to save Android from malicious attacks are given as, User can change the password by creating the strong password so that the personal data not be affected or stolen by attacks.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in jet black are exceptionally susceptible to scratches

User must read the reviews of the users before downloading the apps even from the Google Play. Many of users marks good or bad about the apps. Users must update their operating system and up-to date the security patch.

The most important, Android users must have a good antivirus app that will help to protect the virus from the open software sources or even from the Google Play. Using public network makes sure you are using VPN, and any malicious attack is not accessing your device.