Last year Apple launched awareness programs across the glob. Back in 2017, the company launched program for the working women in India and China. The programs create awareness of personal health care among the women in India and China. Apple aims to work for about one million women by 2020.

Employes Foxconn Apple: About 1 Million Women in India and China will be facilitate in the personal health care program until 2020

Apple specially focused on the working women because women have an outsized impact on family based system. In India many women are undeserved. The health health programs  empower women. According to the report, Jeff Williams, Apple’s COO, said in a blog post.


“We believe that everyone making Apple products deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and we’re proud that almost 15 million people understand their workplace rights as a result of the work we’ve done over the years. We’re going further with health education programmes and new opportunities for advancement at our suppliers.”

The company focused about nutritional, maternal, and preventive healthcare of the women and encourage them to share the knowledge among their other co workers, family and friends. Apple it in 12th annual Supplier Responsibility Progress event stated as:

“Beyond ensuring a safe and healthy workplace, we believe that all employees in our supply chain should have the opportunity to learn more about personal wellness and preventive healthcare.”

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