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A Way Out developer said that PS4 Pro is like a 5 years old PC and it’s really holding developers back

PS4 Pro

A Way Out is a new game from EA and this game is made by the same developer that was responsible for the brothers which is kind of like co-op kind of game, an indie game that is pretty much ever available on PS4, Xbox and PC as well. Now obviously the new game A Way Out is pretty interesting as well. It’s going to be a co-op based as well. It’s obviously still an indie game so, it’s not like a huge AAA title and but this game looks really interesting. And obviously that got some media attention until the developers are kind of in the spotlight right now.

One of the team member Josef Fares who is a game director for the game was interviewed by Engadget and he was actually talking about the PS4 version of the game. During the interview he actually said that PlayStation 4 Pro is pretty much an old kind of system that really holds the developers back. This is actually what he said:

“Do you want the honest truth? This machine is not so strong as you think. This is like a five-year-old PC. If consoles were as powerful as PCs are today, you would see all different games. Most of the work developers put out there is to make them work on consoles.”

This is another statement that kind of fits in into the hole apparently kind of narrative, now obviously we knew that the both Xbox One and PS4 and specially Xbox One, is actually kind of old tech. Basically even at the launch because both consoles launched at the end of 2013 and both consoles actually used the same technology in terms of CPU and GPU. Although the PS4 actually comes with a 50% more powerful GPU, i.e: more shaders and also more faster memory.

Going back to the GPU side of things, basically it’s sort of variation of the Radeon HD 77850. This particular graphics card on PC is roughly around 1.8 TFLOPS as well depending on the clock speed as well. That pretty much the same sort of TFLOPS count on the PS4 and this particular card was released on PC market back in 2010. Even at that time of PS4 and Xbox One launch this particular graphics chip was like 3 or 4 years old. Even though the consoles did provide extra level of optimization and that is the only reason games actually run and looks good on both consoles.

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