It looks very much possible now that during the upcoming Mobile World Congress (expected to be scheduled some time in next month), Nokia family would be welcoming a new member. Nokia 6 is going to be followed by Nokia P1 Smartphone and on the occasion; Rajeev Suri is all set to speak on the subject.

The news about the upcoming Flagship P1 by the Finnish Company seems to have rocked the tech-world already as the entire community is anxiously awaiting the 2017 MWC whereby, Nokia CEO is taking the stage, as the reports suggest.

Soon Nokia May Launch Nokia P1 Android Smartphone 1 A Video Tells It All About The Gorgeous Nokia P1 Smartphone Concept

When it comes to presenting onstage, it would be pretty early to guess whether what exactly are Rajeev Suri’s plans but the event is likely to receive very warm welcome; just like Nokia 6 did on its arrival. The Nokia 6 launch was nothing less than a storm that had left the smartphone market rocking.

As they’re aware that the newest Nokia P1 Smartphone is on the verge of its debut, the Nokia phone users’ expectations and hopes should be high and they must be dreaming about a wonderful Nokia Comeback.

This must not be out of place to mention here that recently circulated rumors regarding performance of Nokia handsets, majority of users would not except a non-exciting smartphone. However, few of the questions regarding benefits or new features with the upcoming phones got answers following a series of latest leaks.

Nokia P1 concept for instance, is believed to be one among greatest exponents the Finnish Company is bring with the device; nomenclature of which still remains a guess. A 2 minute-35 second video (attached) however, gives the viewers an idea how beautifully designed device this new Nokia P1 Smartphone is…

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