Apple released iPhone 8 and iPhone X last year. The company slowed down the operations for other models for the promotion and sale of latest smartphones. Apple user reports claims about the battery performance. Apple offers its iPhone 6s customers to change smartphone old battery with a new one with full power. According to the report, a video shared by a creditable source showing the difference between iPhone 6s batteries before and after the replacement of the batteryLet’s dive into more details about the report.

The shared video showing the performance of the smartphone after the replacement of the new battery. Bennet Sorbo, who shared the video about the iPhone battery performance, firstly record the performance of iPhone 6s with older battery while he buy the device about two years ago. He tries to proof major difference between an older battery and new full power full battery after replacing it.

Apple iPhone 6s Space Grey 740x417 A video shares the performance of iPhone 6s before and after battery replacement of the device

Sorbo go with opening multiple apps over the iPhone 6s and he talks about the performance of the apps. The mostly apps specially the apps related to the graphics take much time to perform related tasks. The apps takes a lot of time to launch and the apps that have to perform a large data was slower as compared to the other apps. He was surprised about the performance of the device. Then similarly after replacing the new battery, he put the smartphone under performance.

Geekbench recorded 2485 scores before the replacement of the battery and after the replacement of battery its performance boosted up and got scores up to 4422. If you note that the scores recorded before and after the replacement of battery its quite doable. The iPhone 6s performance boosts and you can feel experience of new one smartphone. Apple rolled out its iOS 11.3 beta for its devices.

Apple is expected to surpass Microsoft in shipments of smart devices

undefined A video shares the performance of iPhone 6s before and after battery replacement of the device

However, you can install it at your own risk, you may notice unexpected shutdowns. On that you can also check your device battery capacity. What do you think about the battery replacement of iPhone 6s? Share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!