This Smashed iPhone 4S Costs $149,999, wait What?

preview A Six Year Old Smashed iPhone 4S To Be Sold On ebay for $149,999/  Seriously?

Well, we all are aware of iPhones. iPhone is constantly known for its quality, and that is the reason iPhones are continually slanting in the cell phone showcase. iPhones are generally exceptionally costly and regularly known as premium telephones.

Today we will reveal to you something that you don’t see each day. As of late a six-year-old iPhone 4S which had its screen broken was spotted offering on eBay at the cost of $149,999. The telephone won’t appear on eBay on the grounds that there are high shots eBay may have expelled the item.

All things considered, all of you may believe what’s exceptional about it? The explanation for such immense sticker price was on account of the phone’s back panel pays tribute to Apple’s pioneer, the late Steve Jobs. The merchant guaranteed that “1 of just 56 telephones made to respect the late Steve Jobs.”

iphone 4s 01 1487326942 A Six Year Old Smashed iPhone 4S To Be Sold On ebay for $149,999/  Seriously?

The back board of the iPhone 4S states “Steve Jobs 1955-2011, “. If you take a closer look at the Apple logo on the rear side of the handset available to be purchased. You will see the distinctive logo. You will see an adjusted logo which Jonathan Mak came up. It was to use as a tribute to Steve Jobs after his death.

  • Godgenie‘s Limited iPhone

The plan became a web sensation in the blink of an eye. Many organizations have begun to deliver unlicensed adornments that conveyed a comparable outline. The altered logo was additionally utilized by Godgenie organization. Which is well known for making a limited numbers of this limited version of iPhone 4S with a similar design. Notwithstanding, the organization just made 56 of these masterpieces.

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images 16 A Six Year Old Smashed iPhone 4S To Be Sold On ebay for $149,999/  Seriously?

Now the real question should be that is the iPhone is really made by Godgenie or not? Considering all things, the phone it seems to be a Fake Limited Edition, as Goldgenie iPhones had gold back panel rather than the straight-forward glass board.