A leaked out image shows the benchmark results for AMD RX Vega – Image was discovered from the 3DMark TimeSpy’s database

AMD Radeon RX Vega
  • Benchmark results for AMD RX Vega

Recently we broke out the news of AMD RX Vega’s upcoming release which was drawing nearer day by day and a recently leaked image showing the benchmark results confirms the news. 

A previously reported news claimed that AMD is planning to launch the Vega series cards within the next two months and the latest image from the database of 3DMark TimeSpy tells the inside story.

What Does The Leaked Image Say?

The latest image from the 3DMark TimeSpy suggests the possible performance of what we expect as the RX Vega series graphics card. The score for this graphics card’s performance was somewhere near 5721 points. The hardware used to achieve the score is listed below:

  • Ryzen 7 1800X processor
  • 16GB of DDR4 RAM at 2128MHz
  • ASUS X370-Pro motherboard

The Graphics Score

As per the graphics score, the results were recorded to be somewhere between that of a GTX 1070 and a GTX 1080, with the GPU core running at 1200MHz and the video memory running at 700MHz.

What Confirms The Association Of This Performance With AMD RX Vega?

Well, this question may circulate in many of the minds but the reason for this confirmation is that the device ID ‘687F:C1’ shown in the image is the same one which was shown on leaked Vega performance in the past year.

This speed is achieved on an ES (Engineering Sample) so there still are some doubts about the figures but still, these news about AMD Vega Series graphics cards won’t stop amazing us with these unheard figures.

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