In every part of the world, a large number of vehicles move daily from across the country to for different purposes. Speaking of the figures that we’ve got from America’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 3.8 million Americans drive vehicles for earning money. It includes cabs, trucks, and busses but with 1.7 million truck drivers in America, they figure up to be the largest chunk of country’s drivers’ community. Unfortunately, they may face a shortage of jobs in the near future.

A Large Number of Truck Drivers May Lose Their Job…

%name Self driving cars expected to eat up a number of jobs from USA   A new industry worth of  USD 7 trillion about to be created

Speaking of the truck drivers specifically, we have some bad news. Self-driving cars are growing rapidly across the world and gigafactories are being set up by big companies to bring the automatically driven cars into the mainstream. As a result, the self-driving cars are expected to create a $7 trillion industry of their own. This may be a bad news for truck drivers or any other logistics vehicle driver who earns his living from it, but viewing it from another angle, it is one of the most rapidly growing industry of the future. As Intel states in one of its reports:

Autonomous driving technology will enable a new “Passenger Economy” worth US $7 trillion – more than the projected 2017 GDPs of Japan and Brazil combined.

Technology Makes Its Way

The journey of technology is engulfing a number of jobs for quite a long time but that’s how it goes. On one hand, the self-driving cars may be kicking out the vehicle operators from their jobs, while on the other hand, this new uprising industry will create a whole lot of jobs for people associated with this field.

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