If all the hype about AMD’s new Ryzen CPU wasn’t enough. The company is also launching their own utility for its users. Its called AMD Ryzen Master Overclocking Utility, with the help of with users would, have the potential to overclock their new Ryzen CPU. From within windows itself, making it way easier for beginners.

23070424129l 300x155 New AMD overclocking utility for AMD Ryzen owners

The new overclocking utility from AMD will offers a ton of features to its users including:

  •  Per-core clock adjustment
  •  CPU Voltage Adjustment
  •  The ability to disable cores (To allow users the amount of cores they actually want to run)
  •  MEM VDDIO Voltage Adjustment
  •  MEM VTT Voltage Adjustment
  •  VDDCR SOC (PCH) Voltage Adjustment
  •  CAS Latency Adjustment
  •  Row Precharge Delay (15 bus clock at standard)
  •  RAS Active Time (36 bus clock at standard)
  •  Read Row-Column Delay (15 bus clock at standard)
  •  White Row-Column Delay (15 bus clock at standard)
  •  The ability to save up to four custom profiles

Though it’s not confirmed yet, but it is rumored that. With the non X chips users can add only around a 50 Mhz step size, while this number increases to around 100 to 200 Mhz with the X chips. While the minimum clock speed that users can set is not lower than 3 GHz

23070532816l 300x216 New AMD overclocking utility for AMD Ryzen owners

AMD currently also has an overclocking utility called AMD Overdrive, for their older CPU. Though compared to overdrive, this new utility looks way more polished, giving its users a lot more control than before. Though the new utility gives more convenience to its users. But some features have also been removed. Mainly fan control and CPU stability tests. Other than that the auto overclocking feature, can’t also be seen on the utility. Maybe these features are there maybe not, but we won’t be sure, until the whole software is launched officially.

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Have you pre-ordered your Ryzen CPU yet? If yes, then how do you feel about this new overclocking utility? Do let us know.