If you are one of those who think that MacOS is far more safer than other operating systems in computers, you might have got into a mistake. Recently, a report revealed that the malware attacks got a whopping increase of 744% in MacOS which is actually questionable. In the same race, comes another virus named “Snake.”

pic 99 Malware Alert! If your Mac asks to install Adobe Flash Player, it can possibly be a Malware
This virus is allegedly ported from Windows to attack the MacOS hence starting new confusions for those who believe in the safety of Apple’s Operating System for their PCs. There are other names for Snake like Uroboros or Turla and it comes sugar-coated with the cover of Adobe Flash Player. It comes packed inside a ZIP file named as “Install Adobe Flash Player.app.zip.” The Apple company has removed the app for bad certification as it suspiciously came signed by “Addy Symonds” instead of Adobe. Because of this fact, Apple’s Gatekeeper triggered the problem and hence, it is now removed.

pic 100 Malware Alert! If your Mac asks to install Adobe Flash Player, it can possibly be a Malware
How Does This Attack Your System?

The way for this malware into your system is special. It asks for the permission to allow unsigned apps for installation and once you grant the permission, this virus asks for the administrator’s password. It’s normal because the original flash player by Adobe also requires the password for security reasons. Well, this grant of passwords opens the doors of privacy of your system to these hacks and malware. The main concern here is that the user himself allows the program to run and that’s why Apple’s Gatekeeper can’t be blamed in this case. So get yourself backed up with Gatekeeper and think twice before you install a 3rd party program in your system.

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