If you are following what is happening to the popular gaming peripheral manufacturer of the past, Mad Catz, you’ll probably know that the company is constantly facing financial crisis. The guys at the company suffered a huge loss of $11 million. Somehow, the company tried to keep things running till the past month of March but since then, the company isn’t involved in any kind of production as they had ceased the operations and filed for bankruptcy. But things have been changing for better in the past few weeks.

MadCatz logo Mad Catz recovering from the bankruptcy   A mysterious video revealed!

Is Mad Catz Recovering?

It seems like the company has made it to the position where they can finally say a good-bye to the dark days. This happened when just a few days ago, the company released a mysterious video with the title ‘Back In The Game’. We can’t really say that it is regarding Mad Catz but the news outlets by a UK games industry PR manager think so. Besides, how can you ignore the classic Mad Catz theme displayed in the peripherals being shown in this video?

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